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My primary work is on a research initiative called The 32 Percent Project. Named for the record low percentage of Americans who had confidence in the news media in 2016, it explores what drives and disrupts public trust in journalism and what that means for media’s future.

Defining Trust

Our first project was guided by the principle that the best way to discover what people want is to ask them. We held public conversations in diverse communities across the country to learn how people define trust and how journalists can earn it. Our findings include six conditions that lead to increased credibility. They are: Consistency, Transparency, Authenticity, Positivity, Diversity and a sense of Shared Mission.

Read the full report here.

Teaching Trust

Our current project will outline how journalism educators can teach tomorrow’s reporters to produce meaningful, trusted journalism. It will be the first journalism curriculum to be co-created by faculty, students, professional journalists and members of the public. It will be published in 2020.

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