Photo Credit: Around the O

Photo Credit: Around the O

Awards and Fellowships

  • Solutions Journalism Educators Academy

  • Tow-Knight Disruptive Educator Fellowship

  • Jonathan Marshall Award for Innovative Teaching

  • Best UO Professor


I teach a wide variety of classes, from intimate writing seminars to engaging large lectures. My teaching specialties include narrative writing, Solutions Journalism, engaged journalism and experiential learning, and I’ve overseen a multimedia storytelling sequence that engages 700 students, six faculty members and 20 teaching assistants per term. I’ve received several grants for innovative curriculum building, and am currently developing a journalism curriculum centered on increasing trust with the public.

Courses Taught

  • Media Professions (425 students), an introduction to the communication industry

  • Gateway to Media (155 students), a sequence of three multimedia storytelling classes

  • Reporting 1 (18 students), the core introductory journalism course

  • Media History (155 students), a critical overview of media’s past

  • Features 1 (18 students), a course on short narrative writing

  • Features 2 (18 students), a course on longform narrative writing

  • Solutions Journalism (18 students), an overview of the theory and practice of response reporting

  • Story Development (14 students), a graduate course on craft and story management

  • Experiential Learning (14-21 students), a merger between story preparation and production

Teaching Publications


Break the News

published with great river technologies | Co-Author

Break the News is an interactive reporting publication that uses real-time simulations to teach reporting and news writing. It adds dimension and complexity to the “fact sheet,” a classic reporting assignment in which students are given a common set of facts from which to build a new story. The publication is centered on the fictional town of Buenavista, Oregon, where a rich cast of characters is affected by a series of news events, which are revealed through interactive assets such as press releases, government forms, produced video, witness video, audio and social media. By controlling for what information is available and when, instructors can engage students with news decisions while they’re making them, and lead rich discussions about news judgement and story execution.


Interviewing: The Oregon Method

Published with Oregon State University Press | Contributor

Interviewing: The Oregon Method is a collection of practical essays that deconstruct the art of the journalistic interview. The book harnesses the experience of more than three dozen journalists and journalism educators, who share insights on such subjects as interview ethics, building rapport and working with technology. I wrote the chapter entitled “Chameleon Interviewing: How Changing Your Approach Can Be the Key to a Great Interview,” which focuses on adapting your approach to reflect the both the interviewee and the occasion.

Photo Credit: Steeped in Sri Lanka team

Photo Credit: Steeped in Sri Lanka team

Steeped in Sri Lanka

Published with the University of Oregon | Coordinator and Editorial Advisor

I and two faculty members led 19 students on an experiential learning expedition to Sri Lanka, where students immersed themselves in two small communities to tell stories of resilience and change. We worked with a local nonprofit to coordinate service learning opportunities and homestays while creating meaningful journalism. The package won a national Hearst Award and students donated the prize money to disaster relief efforts in Sri Lanka.

Photo Credit: Cuba Creatives team

Photo Credit: Cuba Creatives team

Flux cover.jpg

Cuba Creatives

Published with the University of ORegon | Coordinator and Editorial AdvisoR

Tensions and travel restrictions between Cuba and the United States eased for a brief historical moment, during which I co-coordinated an experiential learning opportunity for 25 students. Participants navigated language barriers and journalistic restrictions to tell meaningful stories about Havana’s artists and musicians.

Flux Magazine

Published with the University of Oregon | Editorial Advisor

Flux has been serving the Pacific Northwest for more than 2o years, and I advised the magazine for three of them. During that time, I restructured the editorial team, led the transition to digital and guided students as they produced journalism that won Pacemaker Awards, Hearst Awards and more.

Journalism in NYC

Published with Medium | Coordinator

Each spring, I coordinate and lead an experiential learning trip to New York City. There, students visit with the top journalism organizations to experience the breadth and depth of the contemporary journalism landscape and network with a growing number of accomplished alumni. Students report that it is one of the most valuable experiences of their college career.